TV Deals - The tv ad for the aluma wallet is a ***

Constantine, Michigan 1 comment
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I got on the aluma wallet website and put in my information-crd card and name and shipping address.the site wouldn't let me choose colors -kept asking me to order more at addition prices-very confusing how it was written up.So went to cancel -opt out and they said my order had been processed.I couldn't hit the back tab because they said that may double my order...I did not hit t a submit order button excetera because I wanted to make sure number and colors were right before I submitted.-but after they kept making other confusing offers I got a little nervous and tried to cancel.There was no way to do it.I checked for a confirmation email from them ,never got one.I called the toll free number then another number.they told me I'd have to call back in 24 to 48 hrs before they could tell me anything.I have a feeling it will be too late-just pray they don't empty my bank account.

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I'm on a fixed income-can't afford to be ripped off !!!!

TV Deals - Do not order from tv ads

Kensington, Maryland 2 comments
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I watched an ad on tv for the inbetween tooth brushes a few years ago.I called and ordered it from a mail order company in masschusettes that no longer exists under the name they had then.

the rep tried to convince me to buy two. I said I only wanted one. the order arrived, with two sets of brushes and my credit card was charged for two. I sent the package back and kept a proof of shipping slip from the post office.

they said they never received it and did not refund a cent. these companies know that in order to be sued you have to go to the state where they are, and most people will not travel. so you have no recourse whatsoever. they can say whatever they want, charge you whatever they want.

they don't charge enough to make it worth your while to pursue it, and count on it that most people won't go to the trouble for under $200.

I wrote to the attorney general and the fbi etc.they do not care about this kind of fraud.

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what kind of *** are you?get off this website with your *** useless comments!

no, people do not spend thousands of dollars to pursue a couple hundred.

that is why the tv order scams work. the idea is obviously beyond your iq. it is the job of the fbi to prevent this kind of consumer fraud. probably they actually did as that particular company is gone.

could have changed their name. or started another company. you are clearly just a hateful ***.

makes this website fairly should be barred from commenting.


Well, you obviously didn't care enough to "go to the trouble" so why would the FBI care? And you say this was a few years ago, and the company no longer exists?

Well...thanks for the warning.

TV Deals - Did not Send my order of Pewi Paws x2

London, England 0 comments
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i ordered 2 x pedi paw from TV deals, and three weeks down the line i haven't received them. Has anyone else had the same problem from this company.

They were quick enough to take the money from my account. who can i contact to get my money back. They are not answering my emails. I tryed to get the telephone number but they haven't got one.

So i phoned companies house and they are not registed. They told me to write a letter and send it registered post. surprise surprise there isn't anyone to sign for it.


V A Richards

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